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Millers Engine Assembly Lubricant 1 X Litre

Millers Engine Assembly Lubricant 1 X Litre
Brand: Millers Oils
Product Code: M5495
Availability: In Stock


Specially formulated for competition engine and transmission builders. Solvent refined medium base stocks treated with high concentration of anti-wear additives.


Use for assembly of mechanical components to ensure protection during initial start-up.

User Benefits

  • Assembly lubricant has been specifically formulated to give mechanical protection during initial start-up of newly assembled components.
  • It is designed to be retained on the components treated during assembly and provide very high levels of anti-wear protection, especially components which are subjected to high stress levels i.e. camshafts/followers, crankshaft bearings etc.
  • Unlike Assembly Paste-type compounds, Assembly Lubricant is fully miscible and compatible with all engine oils and will fully dissipate on start up, reducing the need for an extra oil change.

Typical Characteristics

Specific Gravity (at 15°C) 0.904
Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt) 320
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