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Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul

FM Camshaft Kits & Components

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FM Valves & Guides

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AE® Valves

AE Valve

The AE® range of high quality valvetrain components includes application-specific valves, design and manufactured to OE standards. 

Original equipment (OE) expertise

The top-engine environment is increasingly hostile, due to turbocharging and other techniques for CO2 reduction. Only components that employ OE design expertise, with the latest advanced materials and manufacturing quality, can provide the performance and durability that professional engine technicians demand.

Advanced top-engine technology

Valves are subjected to some of the highest stresses and temperatures in the engine, yet not only must they survive, they must also continue to seal perfectly. As a top-engine expert with a long heritage of innovation, AE provides the answer with high-precision designs. The choice of material is so critical that some AE valves, known as ‘bi-metallic valves’, are made from two materials, with the head optimised for strength and temperature resistance and the stem optimised to resist wear.

Widest range of valvetrain parts

Federal-Mogul’s AE valvetrain range is the most comprehensive in the global aftermarket, with 1,600 parts covering more than 35,000 applications. Every part number is carefully matched to the application, with the material chosen to complement the valve seat and guide.

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